5 back to school outfit ideas

It’s this time of the year again when you discover that your kiddos have grown during the summer like crazy… so nothing from the wardrobe fits anymore. Here are some cool what-to-wear ideas from Tartu Kaubamaja.

1 Make it colorful

Be happy, be colorful. Perfect examples of edgy and stand out styles are Molo’s wild prints and Tommy Hilfiger’s geometrical jumpers! School doesn’t have to be boring.

2 Classical approach

Navy colors are always a good option for school. Jeans and sweaters are also very popular among kids. Good examples for this style are Emma and Theo, Mayoral, NameIT.

3 Sporty style

Always very practical – easy to wear and handle. Kids love it to the max!

4 Cool basics for pre-school and kindergarten 

Pre-school and kindergarten give more freedom for kids – you just need to feel super comfy and happy!

5 Estonian design

Why not take some of your favorite local design pieces to school with you? KlikkKlakk, Mimi Disain, Breden Kids and many other Estonian design brands offer great selection of things you can mix for school as well.

Photos: Rein Leib

Style: Karis Kuusk

Hair: Aira Lutsar

Assistant: Maris Lutsar

Brands: Mayoral, Tommy Hilfiger, Emma and Theo, SLY, Molo, Name It, Mimi Disain, KlikkKlakk, Breden Kids, Adidas, Nike, Clarks, Geox, Viking. All from Tartu Kaubamaja.

Models: Karoliina, Liina, Katariina, Sebastian, Jakob, Robert.

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