Easter rabbits are back in town

Have you seen lately more candy wrappers around the house? Or strange little footprints on the floor or in the backyard? You have?! Good – cos it means Easter rabbits are busy hiding gifts for your little ones (and for you as well!). But did you know, that Easter rabbits originally come from Northern Europe, from snowy fields of Estonia? No? Well take a look, all of these little bunnies, captured by Katrina Tang for Oeuf, are from Estonia. Found at little country schools, or discovered from local homes. If you happen to see these bunnies (lucky you!) then say “tere!” and make friends with them!

Easter king and rabbit from Oeuf AW 2013/14 Little bunny & Tres Cool boy from Oeuf AW 2013/14 Curious rabbit from Oeuf AW 2013/14 Cool rabbit from Oeuf AW 2013/14