Kids costume party inspired by theatre and fashion

3rd of September will be pretty special this year. Besides that it is the day when Kahe Silla Jooks (popular 10 km run between two bridges) takes place, there will also be something very theatrical and crazy cool going on! I will be orchestrating a kids costume party together with the national theatre Endla and Kahe Silla Klubi. It will be shown on the main stage in front of Endla theatre for thousands of sports enthusiasts and hopefully I will see you there as well.

The idea is to inspire kids, parents and everybody to have more fun. I’ll be mixing two of my great passions – fashion and sports – together but even if I’m a super big fan of both, there is no reason to take either of them too seriously. So let me entertain you with magical outfits and theatrical illusions. And maybe you get inspired for kindergarten, school and why not kids birthday parties as well!

AD and style: Kirsi Altjoe

Photos: Terina Tikka

Models: Adoree and Lisete

Thank you Endla theatre for costumes and accessories

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