Crocheted love for babies

Hats off for Estonian moms who make handicraft (there are actually quite many of them out there!)! And clap-clap for SÕPS for gathering this beautiful handicraft under one colorful ‘umbrella’. I’m just prepping for tomorrow’s photo shoot and love the idea behind these crocheted toys – not only are they one of  kind, educative, extra colorful and really child-friendly, they are all made by different moms and come with a special ‘hashtag’ – these joyful balls on the photo are for example made by Aire (from Tartu, mother of a 11-month old Helina) and Sille (from Saaremaa, mother of a 11-month old Oliver). Isn’t it just so cool to think how these moms sat by their children’s beds or near playgrounds and made these miracles happen!!! I do feel that this love that they have put into these crafts shows. This love will give extra protection for your little one.

Crocheted toysCrocheted toys and pram rattles

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