Marvelous fashion illustrations by Marju Tammik

An artist, originally actually a fashion designer and a stylist, Marju Tammik is a magical, exceptional person and marvelous fashion illustrator. Her works are  always full of sensitive humor, breathtaking beauty and own kind of wisdom. She is known for her illustrations from many magazines, but has also decorated show windows and campaigns for fashion brand Monton. I’ve had this wonderful chance of working with her and seeing how her mind works (it’s like a labyrinth of ideas!)

Right now you can see her works in Tallinn in cafe NOP. But you can also contact and order her illustrations here.

PortraitBouquet of ice-creamWise faceSelf confident foxRed dressWalkers


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  1. Fuir says:

    Great blog! Thanks so much!

  2. Toney Myrtle says:

    well written article.. well done

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