HM Conscious Exclusive collection now for kids also

Conscious Exclusive 2017 (launched today!) is a robust collection of women’s, men’s & kids’ ready to wear made of recycled or sustainably sourced materials. For the first time Conscious Exclusive has kids’ pieces also – elegant and simple, perfect for summer parties. Pretty dresses for girls and a cool suit for boys.

H&M has been pushing eco-friendliness since the ’90s, when it first started using organic cotton. As of 2015, 20% of all H&M’s products are made from sustainable materials. That’s a remarkable number considered HOW big H&M is. And that’s not it, H&M has committed to only using recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030 and gradually move to a climate positive value chain completely by 2040.

Conscious Exclusive collection in stores from today!

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