French fairytale by Amiki Children

There once lived two little princesses in a huge but bright castle that was surrounded by lavender fields and olive trees…

This is how I see Amiki Children‘s new collection – it is romantic, a bit bohemian and oh-so lovable! Nighties are made of pure cotton or of cotton and silk, and they look and also feel super comfy. I really adore their signature piece – Maria nightdress with Angelais broderie and sleeves decorated with fine Italian cotton lace. Can you imagine a birthday morning in this dress, oh what a fairytale it will be, full of beautiful memories (and photos)!

Amiki's signature night dresses - adore them! Maria night dress is very special New sleepwear collection  Luisa nightdress with apricot bow in front Gloria nightdress with lace Cotton jersey nightdress with swan print

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