My recent works: crazy-happy family Raud

No better way to start the year 2015 than with a crazy-happy-wonderful family portrait (both the cover and the cover story) of Mihkel, Liina and Mirjam Raud. Feeling really honored to have met this awesome trio.

And special thanks for Hele-Mai who helped me out the night before – painting (splashing!) the Pollock-like background was a lot of fun!

Cover for family magazine Pere ja Kodu

Who laughs last… … has a bigger smileThe ultimate trio - family RaudDaddy's girl. Wearing Ralph Lauren. Entertaining MirjamMirjam wearing Ralph Lauren, Bebe Organic and Hunter bootsThe cutest little girl. Wearing Bebe Organic, Ralph Lauren

Published in Pere ja Kodu magazine January 2015

Photos Hele-Mai Alamaa

Style Kirsi Altjõe, SIYS Kids Blog

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