New collection by Wolf & Rita: No More Boring Art

Today is the world-wide release day of Wolf & Rita‘s AW17 collection ‘No More Boring Art’. The collection that is inspired by the great art work of John Baldessari, Eduardo Matos, and Shõji Ueda has bold, colorful prints and really is far from being dull. The unique way of approaching kids wear is already a trademark of this Portuguese brand and they are doing it again – being bold, adventurous and artsy. Another great collection to own and to cherish – because in a way Wolf & Rita’s every season is such a masterpiece that you’d want to keep for years to come, almost like collectors’ pieces.

This time around Wolf & Rita is playing a lot with knit wear but keep their key elements also alive – crazy ruffles, outstanding shirts and loose-cut trousers. And if the collection wasn’t crazy enough… they have added also the most amazing socks to it!!

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