NEW SERIES: interview with Linda from Paade Mode

Here’s the second interview of the new series. Let me introduce you to Linda Raituma, who is the amazing, witty designer behind Latvian children’s fashion label Paade Mode.

Linda Raituma, the designer of Paade Mode, wearing her own clothing line

LINDA RAITUMA – the designer of Paade Mode

Who are you?

I have quite a few roles to play and quite a few left behind as well. Being the creative and business mind behind Paade is one of them, but being a Mom to my wonderful kids is the thing that drives me. Emily (4) and Edward (8) are the source of inspiration and I dedicate my work to them. Creating comfortable, fashionable, ethical clothing and lifestyle is a means how to make the world a bit of a better place for them.

Of course, my husband gets a honorable mention as well, when in need, he is the one that provides stability and support. He is also the one who helps me put my work to the side when it is time and spend time together as a family. Smart man! All of us are fans of nature and spending time exploring the great outside. So it is easy to draw inspiration from the world around us. We live in Northern Europe and the surrounding environment is so full of mythology and beauty. Our family enjoys it and I, as a designer try to show it to others though Paade.

How long have you been a designer?

Paade is a relatively new endeavor. Before deciding to test the waters of children’s fashion, I was a business developer and worked in marketing. Even though the benefits of a very steady, high-paid job were high, the stress and very long hours prevented me to see my oldest child grow. When my daughter was born, life hit the restart button. I wanted to whiteness my kids growing up and hitting their milestones, just be near and live with the values that I hold. So I decided to leave and now solely devote my time into expanding my brand. The values that I try to implement in my private life are the ones that I want to translate in to my work as well. My greatest wish is to offer products where I can show my attitude, stories and traditions. I believe that a kid should receive the highest quality that we can offer, taking care into not forgetting the traditional, the culture that still lives within the modern life.

What does style mean to you?

My personal view on style is a compromise between classic, romantic and sporty, while keeping in mind and respecting all things natural.

What’s your favorite dish?

My family always complements me on my cookie baking skills! Interestingly, everyone but me devours them. I am not really a fan of sweets, and if I do have a craving sometimes, I will have some honey or chocolate, or a mini sized super sweet dessert. Our absolute family favorite is lemon or quince and honey glazed chicken. Myself, I will never say no to seafood and fresh veg and my favorite dishes include potato pancakes with smoked salmon and roulade with jam and whipped cream – a little bit of a callback to my childhood. When I am working and need a boost while the brain is creating – a bowl of raisins and nuts is always on the desk.

What’s your favorite time of the year?

Spring and fall – for the colors.

What’s the latest wow-moment you had?

We were driving through Austrian mountains this summer when a sudden thunderstorm came upon us. It was so spectacular and powerful. A truly jaw-dropping moment! Everyday WOW moments are usually brought to me by my kids, how they react and live through their emotions in various situations. Emily’s zero stress during recital was amazing. I remember one remarkable WOW while working, when the first order from FW14 collection in our store was a pair of silk pants, a bit odd seeing how they are more of a style item not something to keep you warm and cozy in the fall.

Is there something you would never put on a child?

This is a tricky question. It is more of a matter when, at what age and where. I’m not strict, I love to observe children’s own choices when it comes to clothing. Their experimental ways in combining outfits teaches parents to let go of control and be more free in their own decisions.

Something I can’t understand is dressing infants in suits or huge party dresses. As my own experience shows, the child then spends half the time upset because they can’t move in an outfit they can’t even see. Other puzzling, perhaps cultural oddities that I find bizarre – going to the theatre in sports-wear or choosing synthetic fabrics for kids or needing piles of clothes. As I mentioned above, it is all about when and where and why.

I also have a special relationship with the color pink, I am trying to accept it as my daughter Emily is living pink at the moment. I can’t wait till other colors will appear in her daily life though.


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