Oeuf’s first ever summer collection soon out!

Oeuf is an established, much-loved children’s knit wear and nursery furniture label. But now (to delight so many of us) this NY based eco-friendly brand also has its first ever SS collection ready and soon-soon out! It is called ‘Girls are strong, boys are sensitive, ’ and as a mother of two boys I can sign up for that!!

Enjoy the French + bohemian feel and their fun sense of humor! Oeuf‘s SS is a bit retro-style, easygoing and very practical when the summer heat arrives.

Photos by Estonian photographer Katrina Tang.

Oeuf's main message for next summer - Boys are sensitive; Girls are strong.Girls are strong. Oh yes they are!!Cool pants and cool messageOeuf's spring-summer 2015 - happiness in every detailAnd funky rabbit ears as well! Double yeah! Oeuf's SS15 collectionOeuf SS15 collection Great shot by Katrina Tang for OeufOeuf's color palette is French and appealing

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