Jacadi’s theatrical Phantom of the Opera collection!

Do you remember how Christmas felt when you were young? Magical and unbelievable, but at the same time so sweet and safe, didn’t it? That’s what Jacadi, the master of French children’s fashion, has created for this season  – a beautiful holiday mystery that appeals both for kids and moms and dads!

Inspired by the famous Phantom of the Opera, Jacadi’s holiday collection is something to remember – with its glamourous party dresses, velvet jackets and pretty shoes. Especially when you tell the story behind the Phantom of the Opera to your kids –  it sure will be a special holiday to remember.

Magic of ChristmasMagic of ChristmasInspired by the Phantom of the OperaInspired by the Phantom of the OperaMagic of ChristmasMagic of ChristmasEven Jacadi's night wear is magicalEven Jacadi's night wear is magicalMagic of Christmas by Jacadi

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