Cool colors and folkloric animals by HEBE

Cool graphical prints (rabbits and wolves, ants and bears, mice and cats) and fresh, edgy color palette (cold yellows and blues, dark grays) make HEBE‘s SS 15 collection ‘Double trouble’ unique. This Latvian brand has captured the essence of Nordic light and casual coolness and mixed it with folkloric tales of mystical animals and spiced it with Latvian attitude.

Wolves and rabbits are a classical opposition where you can build a strong story, but it’s fun to see that bears and ants have a thing going on as well!

Hebe's main theme for next spring-summer - the rabbits! Dark grays look fresh for summer seasonCool mix or water-color effect and cold lemon'Double trouble' - SS 15 by HebeAre you scaring me? Rabbits are braver than you think! Also love that denim mixed with organic cotton gives a nice free-spirited, a bit funky feel. It’s not a classical happy-summer collection, but a cool way of celebrating Nordic summer.

Hebe’s line reaches from babies up to age of 12. So everyone can find their fav!


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