Very French Gangsters’ hipster-cool new collection

Very French Gangsters is a Parisian children’s eyewear brand that creates extra cool glasses for little hipsters. Their designs are so magnificent you want to start wearing glasses even if you don’t need to! Well, opt for their stylish sunglasses then.

And it looks like they had a lot of fun shooting their new look book with photographer Katrina Tang! The photos are so real and alive!

Very French Gangsters - cool glasses for little ones

New collection by Very French GangstersLove those round glasses by Very French Gangsters Very French Gangsters eyewear for children

Coolness by Very French GangstersVery French Gangsters aw 2014

Hipster-coolness by Very French Gangsters


2 responses to “Very French Gangsters’ hipster-cool new collection”

  1. Pierre says:

    Nice! Very French indeed.

  2. ManishThakur says:

    Thank for sharing modern ideas and styling. Which I just now find in the online shopping.
    Kids Wear

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