Waiting for Santa. Christmas editorial by Katrina Tang

‘Waiting for Santa’ editorial carries just the right innocent and sweet attitude for celebrating the Third Sunday of Advent. Kids are impatient, homes are almost ready for the Christmas eve. So when, when, when will Santa arrive?!

Although made and published already in 2011, it’s still one of my favorite Christmas series. Maybe because this was the first collaboration I had with the photographer who has opened my eyes and broadened the world so much for me, Katrina Tang. Maybe because it is oh-so-cute to see your kids, Hugo and Hans, as little toddlers. It’s a classic! Just like Nat King Cole’s Christmas songs and snow are part of holiday season, this series symbolizes Christmas for me.

The time goes so slowly when you have to sit still and waitAll the Christmas cards are written...Christmas socks are thereShall we pack our own presents?Christmas tree's 'party dress'Christmas treeStill waiting...

Photos Katrina Tang

Style Britta Laumets

Published in 2011

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