Back to school in a fashionable way

Welcome, new school year! Some of us have been waiting for you, others not so much…. But anyway, we are ready for you! Aren’t we?

To make the new beginnings (and especially the shopping part) easier, I’ve put together some outfit ideas from Tartu Kaubamaja. Hope you like them! I’m a bit of a dork when it comes to school wear because I just love-love-love school uniforms. Dark blue dresses and skirts, soft sweaters and formal trousers, shiny shoes and crispy white shirts. Let’s leave sweatpants and t-shirts for leisure time and greet our classmates and teachers with style.

Btw, you can shop these looks here.


Photos: Rein Leib

Style: Kirsi Altjoe

Models: Karoliina, Mila, Jakob, Katariina

Outfits: Tartu Kaubamaja

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