Celebrating SIYS kids blog’s birthday!

Let me first give a bow to you – thank you!! To see you here, reading this, means the world to me! Why? Because you care! And caring people are the best! And also those people who start telling a joke but can’t finish it because they laugh too hard…

Why do I care that you care? Well for that I have to take a few steps back (but don’t worry, it won’t be a too long story).

I come from a family of teachers and lawyers but found my passion in arts (and with that became something of a black sheep in my herd, but very loved one still). Went to art school from early age and made my first magazine around the time when I was 8 (you know, the kind of a magazine made out of copybook with lots of cut out illustrations). Started working for different magazines when I was 18 (mostly as a stylist and fashion editor) and finally got my own magazine to run when I was 28 (family magazine Pere ja Kodu / Family and Home).

But at some point I got tired of print media – it was too slow, too impersonal, kind of a dinosaur in a room that no one talks about. People follow passion and magazines were not enthusiastic and hungry enough for my taste. Plus I didn’t see a good source of something I’m passionate about – kids, kids fashion, kids books, kids design…. well you get the idea (and I guess I would have been a good preschool teacher). And so SIYS came to life – to feed my adoration and cravings. But I don’t do it for myself, I do it for you! To light your passion also!

So to tell the long story short – I’m incredibly happy to see you here! And I’m super thankful for those 2 years in my life where I’ve met the most amazing, wonderful people, travelled the world and made blogging into my source of living. So you see, passion can feed you and doing what you love also!




In Birthday outfits!With my pups, Hugo and Hans

Photos by Marjaana Vaher

My Birthday outfit comes from H&M, boys are wearing River Island

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