Eat your veggies. Or be one yourself.

Imagine a world where kids love cabbages, carrots and broccolis! A world where cauliflowers dance together with aubergines and an egg has found a place on your head as a hat! Say hi! to this new universe of vegetables! The imagination has really run wild in Oeuf‘s headquarters in New York! These famous Oeuf‘s knitted crowns are still there, but now there’s also so so much more to admire and desire!

Oeuf‘s Foodilicous new collection is out now! Shop till you drop or turn into a cabbage!

All these witty images are shot in a small country school in Estonia by Katrina Tang. Styling by Kaili Viidas.

Oeuf AW15 eggs and veggiesOeuf AW15 veggiesOeuf AW15 veggiesOeuf AW15 veggiesKT_Oeuf_Looks_AW15_12Oeuf's AW15 veggiesOeuf's AW15 veggiesOeuf AW15 veggiesOeuf AW15 veggies and school chef


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