From rural chic to bright city lights

We spend a lot of time in the countryside, especially during the holidays – exploring wild nature is part of the Nordic DNA. But the end of summer means we are heading back to the city – and getting properly dressed… again. It also means discovering that everything we used to love (and wear) is too tight or too short. So hello shopping spree! If you take a bit of time, then it is actually quite fun to discover new styles and looks, even together with kiddos. These ones here are by Reserved, super kid- and also pocket-friendly brand that has a wide-wide range of designs both for boys and girls.

So city lights, here we come! But first, let’s say goodbye to this lovely summer with some proper stargazing! Because even if the Perseids have already showered and the Leonids peak on the 17th of November, it is always fascinating to stare at the stars.


Photos: Laura Rohtlaan

Clothes: Reserved

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