Estonian design takes the stage

It’s the fifth year for me to be part of Moekuulutaja‘s fun-tastic event (and team!) at Tartu Kaubamaja. Five years of colourful children’s fashion catwalks and three years of curated design pop-up shops. Gives a great reason to celebrate!

This time around we were happy to introduce many new Estonian design brands to the wider audience – Wool in Love, Sleepy Fox, V.O.H Stone, Muulin, Jaanika Stuudio Kids, Oliver Martin…. and it was a great joy to greet again Lulukids and Minu Väike Ingel in Tartu.

Besides children’s fashion catwalks (that are always the highlight of the day, cos kids on stage, wearing cool pieces, are sooo empowering!) and unique designer pop-up shops, there was a lot going on. Ansabel Öed gave everyone a reason to sing (and dance) along, Laulupesa laululapsed made people go… aaawwwwww!! Because they are all incredibly cute and sing so well!

Big thanks to everyone who took part of the day! And a great hooraaayyy to our lovely Estonian design!

Enjoy the photo gallery:

Wool in Love / Sleepy Fox / Hair Biscuits

Wool in Love / Sleepy Fox / Hair Biscuits / V.O.H Stone

Sleepy Fox / Hair Biscuits

Lulukids / Sleepy Fox



Wool in Love

V.O.H Stone


Minu Väike Ingel

Oliver Martin

Sleepy Fox

Jaanika Stuudio Kids

Laulupesa laululapsed

Ansambel Öed

Photos: Rein Leib

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