NEW SERIES: Interview with Katja from Amiki Children

This week Amiki Children, a wonderful nightwear label from Estonia, is celebrating its 1st Birthday! Clap-clap!!!

Here’s a little inside peek into the life of the brand’s designer and owner Katja Skurd. Find out her passions and weaknesses!

Katja, the designer of Amiki Children, with her daughters

Who are you?

I am the designer and owner of AMIKI children brand. I am also passionate for cooking and gardening! I remember cooking with my daughter, then 8 months old, sitting on a table playing with limes and smelling garlic aromas. Now they eat everything. In summer I grow vegetables and flowers, so beetroots and coriander, roses, lavender and peonies are in favor. Flowers are enormous source of inspiration for me.

How long have you been a designer?

I used to be a lawyer but my passion for fashion burst out when I gave birth to my first child, so I headed to Academy of Arts for a degree. When I was little I was literally drawing 12 hours a day and told my grandma that I will be a fashion designer when I grow up. So I listen carefully when my kids tell me who they will be in the future.

What does style mean to you?

I think style is all about personality, simplicity and good taste. Without these three, it would be hard. Personally I love colours especially pastels. My own style is quite simple at day but I love to get dressed for the evening.

Is there something you would never put on a child?

Capron tights except for ballet classes. Heeled shoes. And I don’t like polyester at all, thats why AMIKI clothes are 100% cotton only.

What’s your favorite time of the year?

I love 4 seasons we have in Estonia, every of them is so inspiring with own colour, smell and mood.

What’s your favorite dish?

Seafood. And there is only one sweet thing I cannot resist Ben&Jerry ice cream.

What’s the latest wow-moment you had?

When my 7 year old daughter made up a “firm” for making pyjamas for dogs. She had 3 styles, paper patterns, 3 different breed dogs as models, each had its own hanging tag, website plan with her mobile ph attached! Like mother like daughter!

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