Interview with Vivian from Bebee online shop

It’s unique and oh-so-special to walk on a road no one has taken before. Or more over to create your own road! That’s what Bebee online shop has done – here’s an interview with Vivian Lepp, one of the two women behind the concept.

Vivian with her son Karl

Vivian, what makes Bebee special and different?

We are the only online shop that operates only on Estonian children’s design products – we gather unique kids wear and interior design articles and promote and sell them. Everything you see is carefully chosen – either because of the superior quality or unique design.

What’s the farthest place where you have sent a package?

I guess it must be California.

What fun ideas have you got from your shop?

I’m very fond of Sleepy Fox because they make super cool trolley bags that are also very practical in our cold climate. They can be used with up to -20C outside! Another brand that we invited to our shop and are totally in love with is Prostoconcept that makes the cutest decorative pillows!

What are the top selling pieces in your shop?

It changes over time but for example Willmar’s trolley bags made of merino wool are very popular right now. But also Annalutter’s bow ties and Eerin’s and Bebe Organic’s kids wear pieces that are both good looking and suitable for kids with sensitive skin.

Who is your buyer?

There is no such thing as a typical buyer, we are here for everyone who is interested in Estonian design and even if you don’t have kids we hope to give you a fulfilling experience and that you’ll find a nice gift for your niece or nephew. During Christmas we have this special service that you can email us with your wish or gift idea (or with no idea at all) and we will help you to find a perfect gift that you can wrap and hide under a Christmas tree. Just email us and we will help to make the decision easier for you.

What’s the funniest reaction you have got from a client?

We are constantly happily surprised by the overwhelming positive feedback and that people who have once bought something usually return to our shop.

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