Kahvliahvi kokakool – a place where to play with food

Kahvliahvi kokakool (clumsy translation would be Fork Monkey’s Chef School) is a yearly happening (can’t call it less than that, because it truly is a place full of action) that celebrates the beauty of doing everything together, as a family, with kids. It started off as an open-air cooking school, but now has become much more than just a food thing. This year the event took place at Põhjaka manor’s garden, quite perfect place for holding such a lively event.

For example this year inspiring creative women – Anu Samarüütel, Karolin Kuusik and Kaili Viidas – held a design workshop where they helped to turn the gifts of forest into jewels. So if you didn’t realize it before – wild strawberries for instance can be turned into the most beautiful necklaces and rhubarb juice can be a drink for kids!

Kahvliahvi Kokakool at Põhjaka manor's gardenForest as the inspirationAnu Samarüütel and Karolin KuusikPure beautyMariliis Ilover and Tiina Ristimets at Kahvliahvi KokakoolDesign workshop at Põhjaka manorLittle future chefs at Kahvliahvi Kokakool Design workshopLittle queen of forest - LumiLittle forest fairyAccessories for mom and kid

Photos: Renee Altrov


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