My 7 favorites from MOLO’s SS16 collection

Ok, I’m not even trying to hide the fact that I’ve been having a love affair with MOLO for some years now. They just make so effortlessly hip stuff! So, sorry mums for another post about MOLO, but I just can’t help it – the world needs to know about these cool new pieces! And yes, I’d wear them all myself and dress my kids in them.

1. Sophisticated ombre effect

It’s been here for a while (the ombre effect trend) but it still blows my mind how cool kids look in it!

Sweater with ombre effectOmbre effect trousers

2. Cool metallics

Not those too shiny ones, but subtle gold and silver. And this trend will continue to autumn-winter as well, so it’s a wise investment to buy metallics!

Molo's golden medi skirtEasy metallics and snake-inspired structured surface


3. Lazy nudes

This trend comes from the grownups’s world (and I guess from the series ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, where they wear a lot of pajama-like outfits), but hey, we are all influenced by the trendsetters, even if they are the reality-soap-opera-stars-we-dont-admit-to-like.

Silky and very chic nude-colored outfit

4. Baby blues

The candy-shop blue is the color of summer! Actually every year, but we still love it, don’t we. And without it the sun kissed hair and skin would not shine out like this!

Who wouldn't love this print!Sophisticated yet edgy summer outfit for boys

5. Jungle in the city

Wild botanical prints but presented in a very fresh and new way. Love-love-love this two-piece – coolness to the max!

Hint of jungle in the city

6. Sporty yet chic

Nice new trend that’s also coming from the States – tennis court glamour! Think about Williams sisters and you know what I mean.

New age tennis court glamour


7. BW theme

Whether it’s wild animal prints or flower patterns, black and white theme is huge this season! And will continue its victorious rise also next autumn-winter.

Black and white theme in its variety Black and white flowers for summer

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