Joyful holiday series for OVS Kids

I absolutely adore holidays! This time of the year gives you an indisputable reason to dress up and to wear a tiara or cover yourself in glitter every day… Just because it’s Christmas (and because there is too little daylight out there so you have to shine-shine-shine yourself)! So when the Italian fashion label OVS Kids, that is famous for its festive outfits (and reasonable prices) and who just opened its first store in Tallinn, asked me to style its holiday series, of course I said ‘SI’! And loads of super cool moms said ‘yes’ also and borrowed their bundle of joys and little rebels for the shoot!

Here’s the result together with the making-of photos. Hope you enjoy this little overdose of jollity… And do check out OVS Kids store at Rocca al Mare center.

Kirsi Altjõe poeg Hans (10a)Kadri Kruusi poeg Hugo (8a)Kadri Kruusi poeg Hugo (8a) ja Sandra Palmi poeg Anton (7a)Sandra Palmi poeg Anton (7a)Kriss Eglite põnn Mona (10 kuud)

Photos: Virge Viertek

Models: Mona, Minna, Karlotta, Arman, Liam, Anton, Hugo, Hans

Many thanks to: Kadri, Kriss, Getter, Sandra, Lucien and Kristina for borrowing your treasures

Clothes: OVS Kids Estonia

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