New and very icy fashion editorial

Winter with its many different characters and faces. Frosty boys, Frozen, Ice princess. They are all part of the fairytale we are so longing for during winter. Even though icy (and by definition not so kid or friendly) they are warm and fun inside!

I always like to add a little bit of humor to the tales I’m creating, just because I don’t think fashion (and especially kids fashion) should be too serious. It’s a play, sometimes a masquerade, sometimes even a charade! Enjoy the (visual) game!

Cold and its different ambassadorsWhen the Moon reignsFrosty boys

Photos: Marjaana Vaher

Style: Kirsi Altjõe

Muah: Lembe Lemmiksoo

Models: Karoliina, Harald, Hugo, Laura

Clothes: Jacadi, Lindex, Kaubamaja

Published: December issue of Pere ja Kodu magazine

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