No Biggie dreams oh-so-biggie!

Hip new children’s fashion line from Israel – No Biggie – is a cool addition to kids wear universe. With its easy going styles, minimalistic graphics (this time they have made the collection in collaboration with Olga Angelos – a French-Russian illustrator based in Paris who has been inspired by Native Americans) and reasonable prices it stands for its name – No Biggie. But at the same time has a dream of becoming big! Some day. When the winds blow in the right direction.

All of No Biggie‘s clothes are designed and sewed in Israel, most of them are of organic cotton.

I personally love the style of their images. Teir photos carry their way of seeing the world – both through children’s eyes but at the same time having a touch of hipster coolness and i-dont-care-what-you-think-i-rule-my-world attitude.

No Biggie No Biggie No BiggieNo BiggieNo BiggieNo BiggieNo Biggie

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