We live in a zoo! Well, most of the time…

I’d like to think of a home as a harmonious nest, especially for kids. That it’s a place where you can escape from crazy weather, bad moods and other issues you would rather not face. But our house, at least for most of the time, reminds me more of a zoo than a cute and stylish nest – kids running around, playing tennis and football inside (yes, they do this constantly!), inviting friends over, throwing their clothes where they shouldn’t be…. well you know the story!

So that actually the only time we can skip the zoo-image and live up to the name of ‘safe harbor’ is on long weekend mornings, when none of us needs to rush. It’s the best time of the week cos you can stay in bed and be as lazy as you can, monkey around and eat breakfast in bed!

And I know already now that I will be missing these moments when my monkeys grow up…

Photos by Marjaana Vaher

Thank you H&M Home for the cutest bed linen and banana (and monkey!) print accessories!

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2 responses to “We live in a zoo! Well, most of the time…”

  1. pepi says:

    These are some wonderful pics Kirsi!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you love!

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