TOP 5 trends from Pitti Bimbo 82

One of the most welcomed shows at Pitti Bimbo 82 was the ‘Apartment Couture’ where edgy trendsetters like Hilda.Henri, Velveteen, Pero, Lamantine, Stella Jean and Babol Cachemire showed their AW16 collections. So what can we expect from autumn-winter 2016/17?

1. The coat

Forget about parkas and raincoats, next autumn-winter is about real coats made of authentic wool or even lace!

Lamantine AW16 collectionHilda.Henri AW16Hilda.Henri AW16 collectionPero AW16 collectionVelveteen AW16 collection

2. Prints and patterns

Clashing prints are a huge upcoming trend. Instead of accessories (that are not as important next season as they are right now) it will be about mixing patterns as wildly as you can and not being afraid of color.

Stella Jean AW16 collectionStella Jean AW16 collectionStella Jean AW16 collectionHilda.Henri AW16 collectionHilda.Henri AW16 collection

3. A lot of black and a little bit of calming whites also 

Influenced by grownups fashion, kids wear will also have a lot of black and white themes next season.

Babol Cachemire Milano AW16 collectionLamantine AW16 collectionPero AW16 collectionLamantine AW16 collectionPiccola Ludo AW16 collection

4. New metallics

Gold and silver will still be there, but they are much milder and eye-friendly.

Velveteen AW16 collectionLamantine AW16 collectionLamantine AW16 collectionBabol Cachemire Milano AW16 collectionPiccola Ludo AW16 collection

5. Funkier capes

Capes were a huge trend already this season and they will continue their rise also next autumn-winter, but then they will be even funkier  – with oversized prints and urban slogans or embroidered flowers.

Cape AW16 collectionCape AW16 collectionCape AW16 collection

Photos: Giovanni Giannoni

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