PLAYTIME PARIS EXCLUSIVE: Icelandic Iglo + Indi plays with shadows

Icelandic Iglo + Indi, a brand I love and admire, gets cooler and edgier every year. Instead of cute parrots and pandas this time it is about exclamation marks and a bit dangerous-looking rhinos and sharp szissors, dark colors and even darker prints. Iglo + Indi‘s AW16 collection ‘Shadow Play’ experiments with how far you can go with practical, everyday pieces. And it seems you can go quite a long way!

Besides being super cool, everything you see is also organic, easily washable and long-lasting.

Meet Iglo + Indi and their edgy AW16 collection at Playtime.

Edgy photos are part of Iglo + Indi AW16 campaignAll organicPractical but cool stylesBeautiful graphical illustrationsDark color palette and cool graphical printsA bit of yellow to brighten up the dark tones


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