Portuguese kids fashion: very chic Piupiuchick

It’s not because I’m crazy in love with Portugal (well at least not entirely because of that) but there is something exciting going on with Portuguese kids fashion. It almost feels like witnessing a mini-revolution! The country that is famous for producing the finest textiles and quality footwear now slowly but very determinedly grows as a home of creative design labels and fun attitude. For so many years it was a place where kids wear was very classical and design brands were stuck in this pattern, but now you can witness the rise of Portuguese kids fashion with much more liberating, cool attitude and unique designs.

So if you want to be part of this mini-revolution take a look at Piupiuchick. Launched in Porto in 2012 this kid fashion label has been growing in a nice pace and is now taking part of major fashion fairs like Playtime Paris and can be called a trendsetter.

Piupiuchick has some hints of traditional Portuguese kids fashion but it’s much more easygoing and has this cool bohemian approach to kids fashion. The quality is amazing and the styles child friendly and fun. And the best part is that they have sizes from babies up to teens (0-10 years)! So there are no excuses for not falling in love with the brand – Piupiuchick has it all!

Catchy prints and easygoing designsGraphical tees and bright colorsPiupiuchick for the small onesFocus on lovely detailsAnd not so girly stylesBohemian chickA hint from the classics but with a modern twistAnd not classical at all… Nice eyecathing and well fitting styles for babies alsoPiupiuchick for babies


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