September magic with H&M Studio

When you put together two different worlds, magic happens. The synergy between tiny and very traditional Kihnu island and high street fashion icon H&M is unbelievable. In other words we took the latest H&M Studio AW16 collection on a boat trip and found out that mystical forests, lonely fields and abandoned beaches are the best background for these fantastic styles.

If you put these images into context – Kai (8) and Marie (6) who pose on these photos are two girls from an island of 490 people, where people religiously follow their traditions and heritage, wear most of the time folkloric outfits and eat home cooked bread and neighbor’s caught fish – you understand what I mean.

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Style: Kirsi Altjoe (sandinyourhorts)

Photos: Marilin Leenurm

Models: Kai and Marie

Outfits: H&M Studio

Location: Kihnu island

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