This one is for football!

Hello, World Cup! We’ve been waiting for you!

I’ve been a football fan since I remember, I’ve grown up together with it (cos my brother played football and at that time was so good that his friends called him Marco, after the famous Dutch soccer player Marcel “Marco” van Basten) and at some point I even had my own football column in the national football magazine (crazy cool experience!). Now my kids play football, and I cannot be more happy, because it’s not only sports, it’s the way of life – commitment, friendship, hard work and also a form of art.

To celebrate this festive World Cup season, here’s something for all of you who enjoy this gracious sports: World At Your Feet is this summer’s must have book for children. Written by Rob Parker, it takes you through 16 of the world’s most iconic goals and makes them yours. It’s a wonderful bedtime story book, but also a great reminder of those footballers and what exciting moments they have given us.

From Pele and Diego Maradona to Dennis Bergkamp, each goal is brought to life by commentary written in entertaining rhymes, while the illustrations capture the colour and movement of the beautiful game. Stunning artwork by renowned Spanish illustrator Lawerta.

Get your copy here. Only for £8.99

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