TOP 3 attractions for kids in Tartu

Mostly known as the university city, Tartu has a lot more besides the universitas to discover. This city is especially wonderful to visit with kids – its big parks, little cafes and car free old town will charm you. While Science Center AHHAA, AURA Waterpark and Tartu Toy Museum are already famous attractions, there are new amazing things to explore with children!

1 Estonian National Museum

Opened last autumn, Estonian National Museum with its 6000 square meters is no doubt the biggest exhibition space in Estonia. Everything is super modern, there are a lot of interactive and touchable screens and tricks that kids love, but at the same time it really gives nice deep insights to the history of Estonia. Thumbs up, a really cool museum for everyone!

2 Street art

I love street art, it can be very sharp, beautiful, touching. Or everything at the same time. Tartu can be called the capital of street art since it has put a lot of effort to make street artists seen and heard. Take a street art tour with kids, show them how many different ways there are to express yourself – there is a nice map that you can use as a guide. Or just get lost in the city and discover them by yourself.


3 Upside down house

This is the newest addition to Tartu’s already attractive scenery. Upside down house puts your mind and body on a test. You might fall in love with it because it is just mind-blowing, how did they do it? Everything really is upside down? Or you might fall ill because it can be quite disturbing as an experience. But you sure want to go there. Kids will definitely have fun and talk about it for weeks!


Photos: Signe Milkov

Style and AD: Kirsi Altjoe

Brands: Pengu.IN KIDS, Mimi Disain, Molo, Lindex, ECCO, Viking, Name IT, Lenne

Models: Karoliina, Katariina, Isabella, Robin

Big thanks to: Tartu Kaubamaja, Estonian National Museum, Upside Down House

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