Unique new lifestyle destination Tuduluu

When a mom with an impeccable taste (and who also runs a successful design blog) has a child, it is highly likely that she will have trouble finding everything her heart desires in the local ecosystem (read: traditional high street shops). This is what happened to Miramii – and that is why she founded Tuduluu, her very own online store.

Tuduluu is small but ever-so-cute, featuring very selected brands and products. All of these carefully chosen pieces make Miramii’s heart sing. And will do so with many other moms and dads. I love the way Miramii has mixed Estonian design (SleepyFox) with selected international pieces (like the ones from Engel or Monkind). And there are some very cool one-of-a-kind toys and accessories to keep an eye on 🙂

Thank you Miramii, for making so beautiful choices for us!

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