Weekend crush: MOLO

This weekend we are taking MOLO to the forest – to wild berry hunting and bird watching! Because MOLO‘s new styles are meant for little adventures.

But first I’ve got to explain a bit what does berry-hunting mean in our family. Hugo (9) is crazy about forest!!! He could spend hours picking and eating superfoods like blueberries and lingonberries, just show him the direction of forest and off he goes. Hans (8) however doesn’t eat any berries and is constantly finding other things to do in the forest – like bird watching, frog catching or just running around. Or being bored. You will notice the difference… in these photos.

Here's Hugo, the one who actually likes and eats berriesCatch of the day! Superfood from the local forest!Eating blueberries with style… or somethingInstead of berries he found some mushroomsIMG_5421And here's Hans - the one who doesn't like or eat berries

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