Women who inspire: kids fashion promoter and philanthropist Louise Camuto

Some women just have it all! The looks, the brains and the heart! Louise Camuto is the Chief Creative Officer of Camuto Group, a company that designs, develops and distributes fashion footwear and lifestyle products. As the Chief Creative Officer Louise oversees the design direction for the Camuto Group across more than 35 categories. She is an avid philanthropist with a special interest in charities that benefit women, children, and families, including the Two Ten Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We are so happy to share the greatest news that Louise Camuto was recently honored at the 10th Annual Women of Inspiration Awards in New York.

The event was spearheaded by K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, a charity that has been operating for over 30 years. Unlike other charities that operate in countries devastated by war, it helps by donating new products such as kids clothes, shoes, accessories, and home furnishings to marginalized families. K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers relies on the kindness of people who donate, such as the Camuto Group, in order to provide help to millions of children in the U.S. One of the group’s most notable donations occurred when they provided $2 million in funding to the people affected by the flooding in North Carolina in 2015.

After accepting her award, Camuto took the opportunity to speak about the challenges that women are facing in the U.S.

“Women make enormous contributions to economies — whether in business or on farms, as entrepreneurs or employees or by doing unpaid care work at home,” Camuto said. “Yet in America, women are 35 percent more likely than men to be poor and single mothers face the highest risk. I think we should (live) our lives by example and try to help others as much as we can. We can only be as strong as the work we do together.”

The event also honored Claudia Stern and Luanne Whiting-Lager, both leaders in their own right, and two of the biggest backers of K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers’ mission.

Apart from her accolade at the 10th Annual Women of Inspiration Awards in New York, Camuto was also honored at the Father’s Day/Mother’s Day charity in May this year for being an “outstanding mother,” and spearheading the Camuto Group’s social support to other charities including FFANY Shoes on Sale, which provides aid to breast cancer awareness and research.

Image: fashionista.com


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